WIE GETS? Hello dear readers. It’s another week here in Reelraider land and what a week we had last week. Slamtilt and Play N go’s concert over the weekend and a Play N go visit during the week. Now it’s back to business as usual and we hope you will join the streams!

What will happen this week?

This week we will as per usual do some bonus hunting and the Wednesday battle will commence in a few moments. If you don’t know what a Wednesday battle is, i’ll tell you right now. Every Wednesday, viewers get the exclusive chance to decide what games we play. Just like any tournament there is a qualifying process that is decided by a raffle. Anyone in the chat has the chance to enter at this point but only 8 will be selected to battle. Once the 8 viewers are selected, the play offs start. The selected players pick 3 slots each that will be played at the different stages. After the playoffs there is the semifinals and finally a final where a winner will take home a prize. The prizes differ from week to week but usually there are some points involved or, gift cards or merchandise. 

Play N go contest

In other news, we want to remind you to send in your winnings from the Sabaton game. When you have won 10x or more, please make sure to send in your winnings and be in the running to win a SIGNED guitar from the band. The post that explains on how to enter you can find here

We always want to make the channel as great as it can be and for you, the viewers, to enjoy what we put out there. So, with this post we would love for you to send in some suggestions of what you’d like to see.