We all know it’s fun and games playing online, however you need to be responsible while playing. First and formal you should always play because you think it’s fun, never to win money or win back money you already lost. No one will win in the long run which is important to have in the back of your mind. We ReelRaiders sit and play many hours of the week and it may seem like we are throwing money in the ocean from time to time, but we do know exactly how much we spend every day, week and month. We have our limits and hopefully we can help you play responsible as well!

If you do have issues controlling your gambling habits, there is plenty of ways to help you. For example, you can set different limits to your account – deposit or loss limits, time you can play and so on. On most casinos you can easily do it from your own account, if you have any issues just contact support and they will help you out. And remember, if they decline any types of limits you should not be playing on that casino. All serious online casinos will let you set your limits, so they suit you. Otherwise you can make a self exclusion for a set period or for ever.

Another thing to think about while playing online is to never play when you are under the influence. You need to have a straight mindset when you play which can be taken away when you drink (which we all know).

Never borrow money from friends nor family, it’s an easy way to ruin your relationships which are far more important than winning money online. Also, NEVER take a payday loan so you can play. Don’t think we need to say much more then that, just don’t do it! It’s hard to pay back and is not worth it.

When you do win big (which we hope that you do) it’s good to know beforehand what you want to do with your money. Don’t play it all and hope that you will win more, that rarely happens. Withdrawal the whole sum or a bigger part of it and spend it on something fun for yourself, your family or friends. Of course, you can keep a small amount of your winnings to keep playing for and have some more fun with on your favourite online casino.

Last but not least – something we say almost every day – have fun while playing! Playing online doesn’t need to be a dangerous nor costly habit. As long as you have your bankroll under check, play sober and do it for the thrill!

If you do need help with controlling your gambling habits, your can either contact us and we’ll help you get in contact with someone that can help you. Or you can visit one of these websites for more information: https://www.begambleaware.org/  or https://www.gamcare.org.uk/