We always want to engage you guys and let you be part of the stream, and one way we have done that is in the very popular Battle Wednesday. We can’t take too much credit in it, since it was our top mod Zireal who came up with it (but we claim it as our own). People who has been in the stream before knows how it goes, but for the new peepes coming in it can be a bit tricky to understand. So with that said, here is a very profound description about how the battle works, how you can be in it and maybe a tip or two how you might win it.

How does it work?

The battles concept is very simple, and you will catch on quickly. The battle will start when we have 8 participants that will go head to head against each other. If your name is picked you will have to choose three games for us to play for you, and remember to say them in the order you want us to play them in. We will tell you which casino we’re going to play on, so if it is for example CasinoHeroes, you can go to their casino lobby and see what games you can pick if you’re not sure. When you are 100% about your games, you whisper them to us, and we’ll put them on the list.REELRAIDERS BATTLE

Then the battle will begin! First will go will participant one and two, play their games and see who will win. We usually play 100 spins with €2 bet; this can obviously change from time to time, but the important part is that everyone has the same number of spins and bet. The person who wins the most or loses the least will go though to the Semi Finales. So, during the first rounds the 8 who were picked will go down to 4 people standing. The Semi Finals and Finals works exactly the same, just that you have a new game and a new opponent.

When the final round finally comes around the tension is electric, who is going to be this week’s battle champion? Some weeks we go crazy with the bets for the finals (if we have a bankroll that allows us to…) for the extra excitement. The one who wins the battle crown will of course get a prize or two, which differs what it is!

How to enter?

I forgot to mention how to enter, but that one is super easy! You but your entrée ticket with the points you collect while watching ReelRaiders. Just write !ticket in the chat, if you wish to buy 10 tickets, you simply write !ticket 10. A ticket costs 5 RaiderPoints and max tickets are 10. Kapish?

Here is a quick recap if you’re to lazy to read it all:

  • Buy your ticket; !ticket in the chat
  • 1 ticket = 5 RaiderPoints, max 10 tickets per person
  • ReelRaiders draw the participants at a set hour
  • 8 names are picked – if you’re drawn, send your 3 games as a whisper to ReelRaiders
  • Battle begins with the first round – the one who wins the most goes through to the next round
  • 100 spins with €2 (per average)
  • The winner will get a nice prize in the end of the battle

Tips how to win?

We’re not going to give you a handbook about how to win the battle. And obviously, slots are a game of chance so there are never any certainties. But if we take a walk down memory lane and seen strategies that do work to pick slots with lower volatility. However, playing starburst and Steamtower just because of the wager friendliness is no fun. We love it when you pick new slots, maybe one we never played or one that is super risky! In the end the battle is all about having fun and nothing too serious for anyone involved. And, you can win with a big bang if you pick a more volatile slot which is more honourable than playing like a chicken.

With all this said, we hope to see you in the next ReelRaiders Battle!