Hey Raiders! The below information explains how we use personal data of our website visitors and fans. We never collect personal information and will never share any non-personal information with anyone.

We sometimes track non-personal information in the form of small text files called cookies. The cookies help the site run smoothly and improve your experience when you are browsing our page.

The non-personal information we sometimes collect contains things like the time of the day, your location, what device you use and information on how you access the website. Google Analytics is a tool we use to monitor website traffic and create reports on website activity.


Type of Cookies

Cookie permission is what you need to accept when accessing our website for the first time – you accept the pop-up at the bottom of the page.

Session cookies are used to help navigate our website. They are needed for our website to work correctly and delete when you close our page.

Functional cookies save any preferences and settings you make on our website. When you revisit our website will recover cookie information to help improve your browsing experience.

Analytic cookies collect non-personal data user behavior on our website and we use the data within Google Analytics to improve the performance of your site. Such as, finding out the most popular blog post and where people access our site from.

We might update this policy from time to time. We will only use cookies purposes mentioned above.  

Date last updated: 16 November, 2018.