We have all been there at one point. Playing slots can be tireing and sometimes you just wanna get to the end of the rainbow just a little faster than usual. When the quick spins arent enough and patience is running low, there is a solution that has helped us more than once to beat the evil wagering!

How to wager your casino bonus with Blitz

Ever been sat with a huge win and an ever bigger wagering requirement on your casino bonus? Wagering is always a hassle when you play with a deposit bonus and especially when you play with a no deposit bonus. We sure have, and when we heard there is a solution to the problem we jumped on the bandwagon and tried out Blitz, which is a function you can find at our favourite casino: CasinoHeroes. The blitz is a function created by the master minds over at HeroGaming to make the game play a little faster than usual, well 6 times faster to be exact. The Blitz is a collaboration between Netent and CasinoHeroes and is basically a function that plays your favourite Netent slots 6 times faster than normal gameplay.

Whilst playing you will see a buzzing ball of light which represents the amount you have managed to collect. Note, this is not the entire win but all the wins, so you have to calculate it with the bet amount and spins you have chosen. The bet amount is the same as on the original slots. Slots have been added all the time and the selection keeps expanding, at the moment you can play over 60+ Netent games in the Blitz. Amongst these you can find for example, Scruffy Duck, Jungle Spirit, Dead or Alive, Starburst, Copy Cats, Lost Relics, Vikings, Twin Spin, Steamtower and many more.

How to play Blitz

Playing Blitz on casinoheroes is easy as boiling an egg on a hot summers day. That didn’t make much sense but luckily Blitz really does makes sense. Here is how you play the blitz:

  • First off you need to choose a game. Like mentioned there are over 60 different slots to choose from but we usually pick the ones that are good for wagering when it’s a bonus we want to wager. Startburst, Gonzos Quest and Lost Relics are typical games that are usually good when you need to wager, the same goes for when you play the blitz!
  • When you have clicked on your favourite game, for example on the picture below we picked Butterfly Staxx, you need to decide on a bet and how many spins you want to do. Make sure you keep to your budget as like mention earlier it can drain you balance very quick. So make sure you multiply you bet with the spins and once you have done so you press spin. 
  • The spins will start and while playing you can see every win and when the balance is not moving it means it was dead spins. 
  • Once you hit a bonus round you can choose to continue in Blitz mode or play in classic mode. If you want to see the bonus and the big win we recomend to play in classic mode to boost the excitement. 
  • Remember, the balance you see on the screen is not the total win but all the win you manage to get. So to make profit you need to make more than the amount you bet, so for example 2 x 250 is 500, so if the balance goes over 500 you are in profit from that Blitz round. 
  • Once the round is over you can see on some games how many bonus rounds you entered as the bonusround are not actual bonusrounds but respins or similar bonus features.

blitz from casinoheroes

Blitz games on Casinoheroes

We particularly like to play Dead or Alive 2 on the blitz as the basegame can be quite long and it takes a while to bonus on the game. For a bonus hunt you can collect some bonuses quite fast to kickstart the hunt, which makes it a little easier. 

Although some players might argue that it takes away the fun of the game, we think the Blitz is something new and innovative. It’s developed for players that might not be as patient and are mostly playing to get a bonus, which in all fairness is quite common. We wouldn’t say Blitz is something that should exclude normal game play, it can be used as a tool for wagering and for getting a bonus quicker than in normal game play. 

Have you ever tried blitz? If not, register today at CasinoHeroes and try out Blitz today!